Minecraft, Starting a New World! part 1

Hello and welcome to the first of what I hope to be many posts on Minecraft!

Today I will be talking about how to survive your first night! I would normally put it on peaceful for your first night but if you are doing a video or you want a challenge I would put it on easy.

You can change your difficulty by pressing escape, than you go to options and you click on whatever you want to change. I would also put your render distance (how far you see) on far, it takes a wile to load so don’t keep clicking on it. Than go to controls and look at them. You should also put your inventory to “E” instead of “I”, it is easier to reach like that. All tho I would keep walk the same. When in sneak mode or crouch you can’t fall off of blocks and you can’t be seen as well by a mob (mobile).

At night (if you are on easy) monsters come out and you will most likely die if you don’t have a little hole to hide in. But first you need coal and for that you need wood. but before you go out looking for wood, make a spawn tower because that is where you will start whenever you die.

To collect something you have to left click and hold, to place a block you have to right click. After you collect about 15 wood you press “E” and in the top right there is a small crafting square. put all your wood in your crafting area and make sure it is all in a stack. This is the end of this post I will continue with part 2 on my next choice post!

Edited by Liam and Reid!

10 thoughts on “Minecraft, Starting a New World! part 1

  1. Hey Zach
    I play Minecraft. My favourite is Alpha because of all the night times with zombies and spiders. I think spiders are the hardest to kill because they don’t stop spawning until morning.
    Do you play Alpha or just the Regular Edition?

  2. Hey Zach! I have a friend whose name is joel and he is addicted to minecraft! its so funny to watch him play! Please comment on my blog. gatorfan22.edublogs.org. bye!!

  3. Hi, My name is Max.
    I live in Australia and my teacher is Miss W.
    I really want to play Minecraft but you have to download it… so my dad won’t let me.
    I hope you have fun playing Minecraft! 😀

  4. Hi Zach! Thanks for the post. (even though I new that stuff). It would be really helpful for someone that is just starting. I can’t wait to read part two!

  5. LOL Minecraft is fantastic, even though some think it’s an older game I have never been more addicted. Best thing is it runs flawless on my Ipad so I can play Minecraft whenever I want. However I have a question and minecraft, starting a new world! part 1 | zach’s blog seems like a high quality website so hopefully somebody has the answer. Does anyone know some cool military Minecraft graphic packs? Merci beaucoup. x Jazmin

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