Sorry that I have not been blogging over the summer, but my computer got messed up and I could not log on.  I will try to keep updating my blog but I am busy in grade 7.  I will continue to make Minecraft posts but not as often.  I will write about some things that I like, and some stuff you like in the future, so comment and tell me what you would like me to write about.



Have you ever been sailing? Well I have in school time! Our class went sailing two times a week for four weeks! It was so fun and I learned a ton! But there are some things that you need to do to be safe. You can not stand on the trampoline  of the catamaran, that was the type of boat that we were sailing. It is one of the fastesd boats that you can sail on. One of the days the wind was blowing so fast that we could not go sailing! But we went out with the instructors and got soaked, it was SOOO fun and really exciting!

Do you have a story of something exciting, than leave a coment.

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Minecraft Seeds

Hello I’m back! Today I will talk about seeds for Minecraft. I think that seeds are very cool because you can select a world and if anyone puts in the same seed than you have the same world. A good website to go to is this one. This seed is my favorite, “Quesadila”. It has two surface dungeon and a lava lake on the surface. A seed that is kind of cool is your name. I put my name in and I got a cool world with a lave lake and I am in the middle of lots of different bioms.

Try goofing around with different seeds and put them in the comments if you want to.

Talk to you later and have fun Minecrafting!

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S.A.R Techs: The People Who Jump From Planes

Today we got to watch three S.A.R. techs jump on to our field. For those of you that do not know what the S.A.R. techs are they are Search And Rescue technicians. What they do is jump out of planes and parachute down to save people that are trapped or hurt on the ground and need rescue. Would you jump out of a plane for fun? I know that I would! Would you Like to be a S.A.R. tech? I would not because it is a lot of work and you need to have lots of medical training. The plane that the S.A.R. techs jump from is called a Buffalo, and it has a big door in the back that lowers so they can jump out.

Well, talk to you later.

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Our Huzzahnian Vote!

Here are all the People who are running.

Here are all the People who are running.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Zach reporting in with breaking news that the Huzzahnians have a goodwill council! Anyone could run for the council but only six students did, Jack, Darion, Keenan, Meghan, Molly and Max ran for this position. The people voted in were Max, Meghan, and Jack. I really thought that it was free and fair because nobody was allowed to look at who you voted for. If you were to do anything other than vote than you needed to swear that you where a member of Huzzahnia and if you had to find out what anyone voted for you would not tall anybody! You could not influence anyone on who to vote for. That is why I though this election was free and fair! Now Zach from ENZO NET is reporting out!

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More Minecraft!

This post continues on with my Minecraft series so if you have not read the other two Minecraft posts than you may not understand some of this so please go read my first two Minecraft posts. But anyway I will get on with it. Once you Cool Housesurvive though your first night than you can keep your house and build on it or you can leave and build a house some place else. In one of my worlds my spawn point is actually inside my house! In another one it is a ten second walk from my spawn point. But if you find the best place ever and it is a little walk than I would build it there, but if it is more than a 10 minute walk than I would not build it there but hey, it’s actually all up to you. Well I guess that is a good amount of Minecraft for one post, so talk to you later.

Minecraft- Cool House by Reece Bennett

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You are probably wondering, what is a pysanky? Well, it is a Ukrainian Easter egg that is painted and made to look very pretty. Every symbol has a meaning and all the colors have  meanings too and will tell you what about  pysankys. Here is a picture of one I did and one done by a pro. As you can see mine is not a true pysanky, it is more of an American or Canadian egg. But I really like it and I worked really hard on it and I am proud of it!

Image credit to: so_jeo


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Minecraft, Starting a new world! Part 2

Welcome to the second post on Minecraft! If you have not read my first post on Minecraft you should really read it because I make references to it.  So go and read that if you haven’t already. Now you have put all your wood in the crafting box then you have wood planks. Put four planks in all the spots so you get a crafting bench! In this, right click your wood that is all in a pile and than take all of that and put that in one block and take halfe of it and and put it on top of it(under will work too). Now take all the sticks you have and make a “T” with two sticks in the shape that you made the sticks then put wood, Cobble, Iron, Gold, or Diamond on top so it looks like this:

Crafting-Pickaxes     d

you can also make an axe to chop wood faster, that recipe is:

Material      Material

Material       stick

________  stick

If you are going to be on easy, normal, or hard you should make a sword, that recipe is:




Now that you have a pick, you can go find coal, but remember not to go to far away from your spawn point because when you die that is where you spawn. So if you do not know where your house is than when you die you will not be able to find any of your stuff! when you find coal you start mining and while you are mining into a hill or something you are also making a little home. If there are any sheep nearby you should hit it and get three wool (sometimes they do not give you three wool). In your crafting bench put wood planks on the bottom row and put the wool in the middle row and you have a bed. In night time you can right click on your bed and you will get in it and skip night. But be careful because you will wake up if your are getting attacked while you are asleep.

To learn all the crafting recipes go to the Minecraft Wiki

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What I learned outside school

I have learned a lot outside of school but my favorite thing is swimming. It is a very important skill that I will never forget. I go swimming a lot. If I had not learned young, I would not have learned as easily and I would not be as good. Swimming is something that you should learn if you have not already, if you can not swim you should not go to the community pool, you should not go boating, and you can not go swimming at a lake or ocean. Swimming is a very good talent to learn! I would not be able to live my life the way I would want if I could not swim. That is how important swimming is to me.

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